Why Every Producer Should Learn How To Sample

Almost every single genre of music has songs that use samples. The ability to use another artist’s content and turn it into a new product is at the core of creativity. By sampling, you hear music that inspires creativity. Sampling also gives you more more musical knowledge by┬álistening many different artists.

In this post I am going to go over some reasons why every producer should learn how to sample.

Sampling Will Broaden Your Musical Horizon

By sampling from different artists, you end up diving into new genres and hearing new instruments and sounds. This perspective will broaden your musical horizon and make you more versatile as a producer. Producers who don’t sample, who don’t┬ástudy music, typically don’t have a strong understanding of music theory and song structure.

If you take for example, Kanye West who was actively sampling tracks in the early 2000’s and compare him with other main stream producers at the time, you notice a big difference; their tracks are not as polished and dynamic as Kanye’s.

Sampling Sparks Creativity

The amount of music that you hear before you find a sample that you want to use in one of your tracks, is immense. All of the music you listen to will expose you to different sounds and production techniques that you haven’t heard. This is key for creativity. Whether it’s an instrument you haven’t heard, or a production technique that inspires you to implement it into one of your tracks, sampling music will spark some sort of creativity.

Sampling Inspires You

By hearing different emotions that artists convey in their music, you may be inspired to create a song with a similar vibe and emotion. You may also be inspired to create a song with a particular theme, for example; you may be inspired to create a song that speaks on inequality like Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”.

The Takeaway

Sampling music is one of the best ways to grow as a producer. One of the biggest reasons why today’s music may sound cut from the same cloth, is because there are few mainstream artists sampling music. By sampling artists, you will broaden your music horizon, get inspired to create music, and it will spark creativity.

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