How To Find Rappers To Rap On Your Beats

If you are a Hip-Hop producer,  you are going to want rappers to rap on your beats. Finding rappers is the challenge.

In this post I am going to explain how to find rappers to rap on your beats

How To Find Rappers

Social Media

There are more than enough rappers who make mixtapes online and you can bet they would love a producer to make them a track. The only problem with rappers online, is that the majority of them are not super talented. Hate to say it, but there are only a handful of really talented rappers that you are going to find on the web. On top of that, finding talented artists who actually want to rap on your beats, is going to be especially difficult. However, by continuing to reach out too and contact rappers, you are sure to find at least one talented artist that wants to work with you.

Below are the best social media platforms to find rappers.

 Youtube and Soundcloud

These two sites are the leaders in music streaming. There are millions of people who upload tracks every day which makes finding new artists easy. On both of these sites I have found plenty of upcoming artists, I have also found many rappers who aren’t really talented 🙁 (Sorry to say it :(. However, if you are having fun making music. Then your music is definitely great! Because having fun is great!). Take your time looking for new artists on these sites, it can be exhausting, but I am sure you will be able find more than enough talent.

(To learn how to gain more fans on Soundcloud, I reccomend reading Hypeddit’s article, “Get more Fans on Soundcloud by Collaborating.”)


Facebook is by far the largest and most used social media platform.It is also the easiest to use. Which makes it ideal for contacting, meeting, and connecting with new artists. To find new and upcoming rappers on Facebook I recommend joining hip-hop Facebook groups. Your first post on each group should be introducing yourself as a producer looking for new artists. Be active in the groups and you are sure to find some talented artists.

Note: The Bottom two Social Platforms are for contacting artists who you have found on Youtube or Soundcloud.


This social media platform is a great for contacting rap artists you want to work with. Find the artist’s Instagram account and see if they are going to be a good match for you as a producer by checking their posts to see if they have any videos of their music and photos/videos of their lifestyle. Most artists will post about their lifestyle and music. If you think that you will have an artistic connection, send them a direct message.


Similar to Instagram, you get to know what the artist is like at a personal level. For example, if major news breaks out, you are almost sure to hear what his or her take is, on Twitter. The best way to connect with artists on twitter is to direct message them and see if they are interested in working with you. (Yes you have to both be following eachother to direct message, but if you are both following each other, then it is sure to be your best way of contacting them. No artist will usually want to have their twitter feed spammed.)

Rap Cyphers, Open Mic’s, and Other Hip Hop Related Events

This can be a nerve-racking way to meet new artists for some. Simply because you have to meet face to face with people. (The internet is much less daunting. It doesn’t take much confidence to message an artist that you have never met). Saying that, Hip-Hop events are the best way to meet new artists. This is because almost every artist there is excited to meet others dedicated to the artform. My advice when going to a hip hop event is to be friendly, positive, and excited to be at the event. By doing those three things, you are sure to meet new artists.

Side Note: Going to events like this is also a great way to gain fans and get your name recognized.

The Takeaway

It can be a challenge finding artist’s to rap on your beats. By using the above methods, you will be sure find up and coming artists to rap on your beats. It can take time to find an artist, just be patient. Don’t spam artists with messages either, they will be sure not to open them and dismiss you as an amateur.

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