Just Started Producing? Here’s A Few Things You Should Know

Most people begin producing music and get discouraged when they are not making quality music from the get go. This discourages some people so much, that they stop producing. People typically want to start producing, but don’t know how to start. Some people try to watch tutorial video’s on youtube and get too frustrated trying to learn, and quit. Don’t let yourself down! Producing allows you to express yourself in a unique and creative way, don’t give up before you start. I am going to go over some basic information for those of you who are just starting to learn how to produce music.

Like Everything, It Takes Time and Effort to Become Skilled

Do you think the big name producers magically woke up one morning and were amazing producers? Hell no! It probably took them years to get to where there at, or perhaps even their whole lives. If you are struggling right now and you have just started to produce music, don’t sweat it. Music production takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to become great. With so many different concepts to understand, give yourself at least 2-3 years of production before you start to become a good to great producer. When you are getting frustrated learning the basics of production, know that the road ahead will be worth it. 

Don’t Stress About Having The Best Equipment 

Odd’s are, you won’t need more than production software or a drum machine when you first begin producing. Once you have been producing for 3+ months, then I would recommend purchasing additional equipment. Until then, most producers are still learning the very basic’s of production, (i.e. how to create a drum pattern, how to create a instrument pattern, and possibly how to sample a simple 2 or 4 bar loop). Having high quality equipment when first starting out, (i.e. mixers, synthesizers, filters, midi keyboards, studio monitors), won’t be helpful to you. You first need to learn the basics of production before you can appreciate the other more expensive equipment. 

Don’t Release Your Music Immediately

There are too many Music Artist’s in this world, let me say that again; there are too many Music Artist’s in this world. In saying that, if you release your early work early on, (let’s say your first 6-9 months ); your music is most likely not going to be heard. You should give yourself at least two years as a producer before you release any music, trust me; I learned this the hard way by trying to release all of my music when I was first learning how to produce. Essentially, releasing your tracks too early as a music producer will make you less credible. People will not be checking for your next musical projects.

(I recommend reading Pro Audio Files article, “72 Music Production Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started.” It will give you some great tips and advice.) 

The Takeaway

When you first begin producing music, it can be troublesome. Don’t stress if you are producing music that you are not satisfied with. Every producer struggles, especially when first start starting out. I guarantee if you keep up your production, you will make some great music. I hope this was helpful for all of you fellow producers and I hope you are all are having fun making music. 

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