How To Market and Promote Your Music Online

What a lot of artists don’t realize in today’s day and age is how resourceful the internet is. These internet platforms allow just about any artist to get their music heard. The key to being successful on these platforms is to have a concise music marketing plan. In this post I am going to go over the best online platforms to effectively promote and market your music and connect with fans.

Must Haves


Sound cloud is perhaps the most important music platform to join. Soundcloud is great for putting your music on the web and connecting with other artists . Soundcloud has a private track feature that lets you work with other artists from a different state or country. It’s an easy way to share track ideas privately without going through the hustle and bustle of email. Soundcloud also has a feature that allows you to go Pro to pin your albums and best tracks on your page.


Along with Soundcloud, youtube is a must for every artist. A lot of artists don’t understand the importance of youtube as a platform. Youtube is not only a great platform to post your music on, but has many useful promotional features. For example, if you pay for a promotional track; youtube can make your video be a suggestion for people who are listening to similar artists. You can also monetize your youtube videos, which is a great way to make some easy cash. Along with all of the above, youtube is the largest online video platform that gets around 1 billion views a day. The odds of someone running into your track is quite high.


This is another must have social media platform. Use Facebook to create your own fan page page where you can run promotions and unveil new music. Connect with fans who message you. Post and share your personal interests and get new fans from it. For example, if you love to exercise, post about it. Odds are you’ll gain new fans who like to exercise. You can also sell merchandise on Facebook. For example if you sell t-shirts on your personal website you can sell t-shirts on Facebook as well. Facebook also has live-stream. This is a great way to get personal with your fans to do fun promotional activities. For example, you can make beats and live stream and have fans enjoy. You can also do things such as free giveaways on your live stream.


Instagram is a great social platform for you to connect with fans to market and promote music. Just like I mentioned above with Facebook being a great place to share your personal interests, Instagram is another great place to do this. Many artists use Instagram to promote their musical projects. Though Instagram tends to be less of an interactive site then Facebook, (i.e.., you can not post on another persons main wall of their Instagram page). However, Instagram is a great place for fans to direct message you. I think the best feature of Instagram is how personal it is. It gives your fans a glimpse into your life. Instagram users use the app to post about their interests and lives. Your Instagram is also entirely composed of photos and videos, so it is easy for your fans to get an idea of who you are.


Twitter is great for promoting musical projects and connecting with fans on current events and issues. For example, if there is a  large breaking news story, you can bet that twitter is going to be going off. This is a great opportunity to connect with fans and tweet your opinion about issues at hand. Twitter is another resource that can also act as a way for your fans to know you on a more personal level. For example, by tweeting how you feel at the moment or what idea or perspective you have on a particular issue, you can instantly captivate people. If you get enough retweets, your post can become popular and in turn get you more fans.

Your Own Website

Creating your own website is an artist must have. Having your own website is one of the best ways for you to promote and sell your music and merchandise and connect with fans. On your website you can have a bio section that lets fans know everything about you, a music section that lets fans know about all of your upcoming music. You can feature a shop section that lets fans buy your merchandise and music directly online, and a contact section for fan or collaboration inquiries. Another big plus about having your own website is that you can feature email popus and subscription forms, ( I’ll explain more about the power of Email in the Must Do’s section).  Having these five things on a website is invaluable for you as an artist. Other internet platforms can do a lot of these things, however; having your own website is the best way to sell and market your art.

Must Do’s

Build an Email List To Market Your Music

Most new artists are unaware of the power of email. Though some people may think it is dated, email has been the most dependable and trusted means for communication for close to three decades. The reason why email is invaluable is because you control it. There is no set number of characters you have to abide by for each email you send and you don’t have worry about a website disappearing that will take your fans with it. Facebook could turn into another myspace, and you never know how long other social media platforms are going to last.

According to research, email marketing is 40 times as effective as Facebook and Twitter combined. Email has an average open post rate of 21%, Twitter and Facebook have rates lower than 6%. In addition to this, 66% of consumers made a purchase due to an email marketing marketing and 91% of consumers use email on a day to day basis. These above statistics make developing an email list to market your music a must do.

(To learn more about how to build an email list I reccommend reading this WordPress Beginner article. Even though it is for bloggers who use WordPress, the concepts explained are what you are after.

(To learn more about why and how you should market your music through email I reccommend reading this DIY Musician article.

Contact Blogs

The internet platform that every artist should utilize is blogs. By forming good relationships with blogs they may post your content on their site. This is a great way to gain fans and get exposure as an artist. Even if you have to pay for your first features, it is well worth forming the relationships in the long run. Before contacting blogs, do research. Find the blog that will properly showcase and review your music. For example, if you are a producer who creates beats, look for blogs that only post beats and beat tapes. You would not want to contact hip hop dx with a beat tape and expect them to want to promote it.

Another Possible Internet/Social Media Platform


Snapchat is a relatively new social media and internet platform. With that being said, depending on the way you use it and the amount of followers you have, it will dictate your success. For example, DJ Khaled, a producer who almost lost relevance; used his snapchat as entertainment and it made him one of the most successful snapchat users. Now Snapchat is not for everyone, I do not expect everyone to hop on board snapchat and try to make a couple snapchat stories a day.If you feel like you are a fairly entertaining person, snapchat could be a great way to grow your following and promote your music. One thing that I could say to all you Snapchatters who are artists, don’t make your snapchat too repetitive. I see too many people on snapchat who post the same stories over and over. This makes their stories boring to watch. So be sure to make your snapchat stories interesting if you do start a snapchat.

The Takeaway

The internet is a big place, with so many artists out there, you have to strategically use the internet to build your brand to market and promote your music. Above are some of the best ways to market and promote your music. The key to succeeding on social platforms and websites is to plan out your posts and post quality content. The way you market yourself as an artist will determine how large your fan base gets. I wish all of you the best of luck marketing your music online.

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