All Beatmakers: Stick To One Style Of Production

Some people can’t decide on a particular style of production they want to stick to. If you are one of those people, then your beats are most likely going to sound basic to the average listener. By specializing in one style of production you will excel in subtle or minor techniques that will make your beats sound unique and exemplary. Remember that music is also the space between sounds. Keep it simple and within one genre or style. A repertoire too varied will lead to a lack of quality.

In this post I am going to explain why it is important to stick to one style of production

Why You Should Stick To One Production Style

Beat Authenticity

The more beats you make, the better you are going to become at making them. Henceforth, if you make multiple beats with the same style, you are going to naturally start to develop an authentic sound. If you are making beats and each one changes a style of production aka one boom bap beat, one trap beat, and one neo-soul beat, it is going to be hard to maintain an authentic sound in each category. Essentially, by doing this you are going to create multiple beats that sound like an average producers beat.


The best producers are the producers who master a genre’s style. For example, Quincy Jones produced and co-produced countless albums throughout the 70’s- 80’s (including one of the greatest albums of all time Michael Jackson’s- Thriller), and became a master at producing pop, funk, and disco hits. J-Dilla for example, who is regarded as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time, started his career making sample based beats and created his own sub-genre along with other fellow musicians called neo-soul. Essentially by focusing on one style of production, your sound is going to be higher quality and more polished.


If you are making multiple beats with different styles, it is going to be hard to create multiple tracks that are technically advanced. The major reason music today sounds non-polished and technical is simply because producers are producing multiple genres of music at a time. This makes developing and refining one’s production and taking it to the next level very difficult.

(Read more about the benefits of focusing on one production style by checking out Digital DJ Tips article, “Your Questions: Should I Focus On One Music Genre Only?” by Joey Santos. Though it’s a DJ article, the concepts are what we are after.)

The Takeaway

If you want to progress as a producer, then you are going to have to focus on one particular style of production. If you try to produce multiple styles of production at once, you are never going to reach your potential as a producer. Yes, I think that every producer should produce multiple styles and genres of music to become a well rounded producer, but do this over time. You should move onto a new genre or style of production only after you have become skilled at producing music in another particular style or genre. I hope this short post gave you new producers some guidance to help you succeed.

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